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How to choose hair color cream

On the selection of hair color cream, I believe that friends have a secret of their own. When you choose the hair dye cream, you should not only consider the color you want to dye, but also consider the effect you look forward to. In addition, the most important selection criterion is the performance of the hair coloring cream. Next, please follow us and get to know the three big hair coloring ointment.

1. Temporary hair color cream

Temporary hair dye is one of the one-off hair color cream. The hair dye adheres to the surface of the hair like a pigment and does not enter the inner layer of the hair through the surface of the hair, so it has little harm to the hair. Usually, you can easily wash out hair coloring ointment attached to the hair surface with shampoo.

2. Semi-permanent hair dye

Semi-permanent hair coloring cream mostly refers to plant dyed hair cream.  With less chemical composition, less toxicity and little harm to hair. So after the use of semi-permanent hair dye, it is usually cleaned 7-15 times to fade.

3. Permanent hair color cream

The permanent color cream is rich in color and strong adhesion. Of course, it is a shortcoming. A large number of acid and alkali substances enter the interior of the hair, destroying the original protein chain and amino acids. This makes the hair dry, lustrous and elastic.In addition, some permanent hair color ointment even contains carcinogens and poses a serious threat to the health of the human body.

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